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2.26sNo, I'm talking about -- Yeah, with the dinosaurs.
2.59sNo, if you get to the dolphin people, you gone too far.
2.09sAll right, man, I'll talkto you later. Okay.
3.47sYou know what they do to third-dimensional life forms in time prison?
2.09sSame thing they do in every other prison, only forever.
1.3sWhy are you doing this?
4.06sYou think I want to be an omniscient immortal being transcending time and space my whole life?
1.33sI got ambitions, man.
1.87sBringing you guys in is my ticket up,
4.13sWhat if I told you there's a huge ticket up right behind you?
1.09sYou really think I'm that stupid?
1.7sAll right, hear me out on this.
1.87sYou're immortal, right, which means your life is infinite.
3.37sOkay, well, then that means there's a 100% chance that you'll eventually do everything,
2.4sincluding turning around to look behind you.
1.13sI cannot argue that.
2.23sOh, god, gross and weird!