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2.2sHow long, exactly, do we have to wear these things?
1.19sThey're really embarrassing.
2.16sWell, since you're going to time prison,
2.53sI'd say you can keep them on forever.
0.1sTime prison?
3.53sWell, I don't know where you expect me to think you got that crystal over there,
6.5sbut the only way your dumbass assin' ass asses could ever have one is if it was stolen.
2.66sYou stole a time-freezing crystal from testicle monsters?!
2.59sI would've been happy to pay for it, s-- Summer,
1.99sbut they don't exactly sell them at Costco.
2.76sBesides, there's a larger lesson to be learned here. Get him!
1.37sNo, no, no, no! You better keep back!
3.69sMan, this will turn your ass into a third-trimester fetus from 30 yards.
2.43sIsn't there a kitten somewhere that needs a manicure?
2.43sThat's right, Mrs. Smith. Give in to your anger.
2.06sNeglect that deer.
1.87sHoney, it's gonna be okay.
3.6sThese men are from the Cervine Institute of of elk, moose, deer, and stag.
6.17sThey can take this deer to a helicopter and fly it to the country's top deer surgeon on a wildlife reserve across the state border.