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3.53sI'm certain, and you're a walking burlap sack filled with turds.
1.19sYou know, geez, Rick!
1.87sY-y-you're really tearing into me right now.
1.06sYou know, words hurt.
1.43s- Holy! - A monster!
1.7sHey, you -- Hey, quit yelling.
4.76sQuit yelling. What the fuck yourtime is all ripped up to hell!
1.59sYou broke your time twice.
0.96sHow did this happen?
2.97sNevermind. Shut the fuck up, Goddamn.
1.9sI'm from the fourth dimension.
1.56sI can hear all of y'all.
1.93sNow let's just see what we got here for a second.
1.66sGoddamn it,
1.76sWere you trying to use this to --
4.97sOh, see, you broke time, and you thought you could just stick it back together with this?
2.33sHow you think you gonna move time while you're standing in it,
2.4syou dumbass three-dimensional monkey-ass dummies?
1.26sOh, way to go, Rick.
1.43sYeah, Grandpa, way to go.
1.66sWhat, you're just gonna listen to this guy now?
1.87sHe's got a giant testicle for a head.
1.3sHe came here in a bubble.
3.57sFor all we know, he could be the David Berkowitz of Nutsackland.