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2.23sand let's get this dumb universe rolling.
1.66sLet's do this thing.
1.23sAll right, listen, you two.
1.76sWe froze time for a pretty long time,
1.16sso when l un-freeze it,
1.49sthe world's time is gonna be fine,
3.2sbut our time's gonna need a little time to, you know, stabilize.
1.06sOur time is gonna be unstable?
1.52sWhat does that even mean?
2.03sIt means relax and stop being a pussy, Marty,
1.9sUh, I thought you learned that by now.
1.43sIt also means don't touch your parents,
1.87sor we could shatter into countless theoretical shards.
2.37s- Wait a minute, what? - And away we go!
2.37sUm...did we ever put that mattress under Mr. Benson?
0.01sShush, Morty.
2.09s...a thing or two about -- Wait, what?
1.97sWas the house -- when we pulled up,
2.83sI could have sworn the house was completely trashed.
1.3sNegative visualization, Jerry.
1.73sExplains a lot about where you're at,
0.65sHi, sweetie.
1.25sHi, dad.
1.87sSummer, Morty, are you okay?
1.87sWe -- we just missed you a lot.
1.63sYeah, we missed you so much.
1.43sToo much to hug you, though.
1.63sYeah, it would literally destroy them.