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2.13sbut at this point, you're performing it on venison.
2.13sActually, I've decided not to eat it,
3.9sAll this fear and conflict -- I'm sure it's ruined the meat.
2.26sI'm just gonna use the head for my rec-room wall.
1.93sShe normally works on horses.
1.99sJerry, if you're not gonna help, get the fuck out of here.
4.2sI will reach into heaven and yank your screaming deer soul back!
1.09sShh, shh!
1.9sI know where you are, you creepy old monster.
1.16sI know how you think.
1.83sOh, is there where you think I'm going?
1.09sYou think I'm standing here?
1.43sWell, maybe you're right.
1.16sSUMMER: Holy shit. Now what?
1.37sWell, if all of me knocked out all the Ricks,
1.63sand you peed in all of your pants,
1.93sdoesn't that mean that we're all synchronized?
1.23s- Right. - Okay.
2.37sSo, from now on, whatever we do, we have to be certain.
2.73sI think I'm certain we're effed in the "A."
2.23sOh, god, my head.
1.66sWhat did you guys do?
4.43sWe put you in a dog crate because you were acting crazy and you caused another time fracture.
1.33sYou tried to kill yourself.