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1.76sI told you, he's a psycho. He's lost it!
2.16sTh-th-th-the time fracture must have made him crazy!
1.13s- I don't know what to do! - Oh, crap!
1.99sundefined I don't know what to do!
1.56sOh, god, now there's three of them.
1.47sWe're outnumbered. Get in the cupboards.
1.3sWait, don't -- don't do that.
1.37sThey'll know. Wait, wait.
1.33sThink about getting in the cupboards, but don't really.
1.83sIs this what you want, you sick fuck?!
1.97sYou want to see children die?!
1.02sYou son of a bitch.
2.3sYou don't stop living until I say so!
0.93sundefined Michael.
1.43s- Who's this now? - My lawyer.
1.76sI'm here to notify you, ma'am, that in this county,
6.3sany deer shot by a hunter is that hunter's property regardless of how far it runs orwho intercepts it before it dies.
1.47sIt's called Brad's law.
1.43sWe can't make you stop the surgery,