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1.4sDiabolical, unfeeling sociopath.
1.3s- don't you get it?! - don't you get it?!
2.13sThe other Rick isn't trying to merge us anymore.
2.89sHe thinks he can save his own skin by using the crystal to kill me.
4.06sHe probably figures it's easier to eliminate one ofthe possibilities rather than merge them.
1.13sl have to admit,
1.73sit was always in the back of my mind, too.
1.9sThe difference is lwould never do it, until now.
1.09sRick, what the hell are you doing?
1.52sSaving our lives!
2.3sAfter he takes me out, he's -- he's gonna be coming for you.
1.52s- Whoa! - You see that? Get down!
1.76sI told you, he's a psycho. He's lost it!
2.16sTh-th-th-the time fracture must have made him crazy!
1.13s- I don't know what to do! - Oh, crap!
1.99sundefined I don't know what to do!
1.56sOh, god, now there's three of them.
1.47sWe're outnumbered. Get in the cupboards.
1.3sWait, don't -- don't do that.
1.37sThey'll know. Wait, wait.
1.33sThink about getting in the cupboards, but don't really.
1.83sIs this what you want, you sick fuck?!
1.97sYou want to see children die?!
1.02sYou son of a bitch.
2.3sYou don't stop living until I say so!
0.93sundefined Michael.
1.43s- Who's this now? - My lawyer.
1.76sI'm here to notify you, ma'am, that in this county,