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2.66sThat's odd. This deer's wounded.
2.03sUh, yeah, lwas there. You don't have to rub it in.
2.13sI mean it's been shot with a gun.
1.99sMAN: My gun.
1.73sMay I help you, sir?
2.66sNo, but you can stop helping this deer.
1.97sI shot it before these two hit it with their car,
1.63sand I followed them when they hauled it off.
1.33sThis deer belongs to me.
1.97sWe don't have time for this, okay?
1.8sI need anaesthetic and deer saline.
2.06sLook, I don't know what the law says about this,
3.16sbut I took an oath that I would let no animal come to harm.
1.73sExcept when sterilizing, aborting, or euthanizing them,
2.33sor also when eating them at also any meal.
1.52sI'm calling my lawyer.
2.6sI hope for all our sakes you're as bad a surgeon as I am a hunter.
1.9sIn your dreams, bitch. Scalpel.
3.33sSo, in conclusion, you're both equally mercurial,
1.76soverly sensitive, clingy,
2.26shysterical, bird-brained homunculi.
3.73sAnd I honestly can't even tell the two of you apart half the time because I don't go by height or age,
1.76sI go by amount of pain in my ass,
1.4swhich makes you both identical.
1.33sAll right, everything resolved?
2.8sEverybody nice and certain about their position in my world,
0.93sBOTH: Yes.