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1.63sEmergency! Wounded deer coming in.
1.76sExcuse me, you can't be back here.
1.63sI'm a certified horse surgeon,
1.66sand this deer needs medical attention.
2.47s- Nurse, please move that snake. - That's my nurse.
5.06sAnd as a horse surgeon, I'm sure that you know that deer have much smaller, much more intricate organs.
4.54sAs a vet, I'm sure you know that a deer is closer to a horse than you are to a doctor.
2.37sSo let's save the measuring for when our dicks are out.
0.87sIt's time to save a life!
2.66sThat's odd. This deer's wounded.
2.03sUh, yeah, lwas there. You don't have to rub it in.
2.13sI mean it's been shot with a gun.
1.99sMAN: My gun.
1.73sMay I help you, sir?
2.66sNo, but you can stop helping this deer.
1.97sI shot it before these two hit it with their car,
1.63sand I followed them when they hauled it off.
1.33sThis deer belongs to me.