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1.83sJERRY: Cold stone creamery is the best.
2.94sWhat should we do with our remaining $20?
2.8sYou realize they sing no matter how much you tip?
1.33sHoly shit.
1.02sWhat happened?
0.57sI hit a deer.
2.23sWe -- we have to tell the cops you were driving.
2.2s- What? - This is rum raisin!
1.59sIt's still alive.
3.44sWell, do we -- do I, uh, get, uh, a big rock, or...?
1.66sIt's not an armadillo, asshole.
1.8sI thought that's what a man's supposed to say.
1.66sIt's not like I could've actually done it,
1.9slfwe were near a hospital, I could treat it,
1.43sbut I -- I think we have tojust...
2.56sIt's okay. This is just something that happens.
2.73sAnd even if we were in a hospital, what could we do?
2.2sYou're a horse surgeon, not a deer surgeon.
1.47sWell, don't different animals...
1.47srequire different levels of skill to keep alive?
1.59sundefined Oh, god, Get the deer in the car, Jerry.
1.33sYes, Beth.
1.93sThis is why you don't freeze time, you guys.
1.59sIt's incredibly irresponsible.
2.2sAnd you did it so we could clean the house after a party?
2.59sLook, there's no time to hold me accountable, Marty,
1.76sLike, literally no time. Look around.