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0.93s- What are you talking about? - What's that mean?
1.06s- English, please. - English?
7.47sOur time is fractured -- you two somehow created a feedback look of uncertainty that split our reality into two equally possible impossibilities.
5.07sW-we're exactly like a man capable of sustaining a platonic friendship with an attractive female co-worker.
1.93sWe're entirely hypothetical.
2.06sBut I thought there were infinite time lines?
1.99sWe're not on any time line, dummy.
1.19sOh, my god!
1.33sSU M M ER: Are those cats?
2.06sI assume they're Schrodinger's cats.
3.03sOr, actually, I assume they both are and aren't, just like us,
1.66s- Is the world gone? - Is the world gone?
1.27sWhere are mom and dad?
0.13sWhat about mom and dad?
2.47sMom and dad? Get your head out of your family's ass.
2.13sThe three of us are lost in a timeless oblivion.
1.4sYour parents get to exist.
2.23sThey're probably living it up in some pointless,
2.13sgrounded story about their shitty marriage.
1.83sJERRY: Cold stone creamery is the best.
2.94sWhat should we do with our remaining $20?
2.8sYou realize they sing no matter how much you tip?