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1.19s- What's happening, Grandpa? - What's going on, Rick?
1.59sSh-sh-shut up.
2.47sOh, crap, are you kidding me? Two dots?
1.66sThis never needs to be more than one dot.
1.33sThe two of you made us uncertain!
0.93s- What are you talking about? - What's that mean?
1.06s- English, please. - English?
7.47sOur time is fractured -- you two somehow created a feedback look of uncertainty that split our reality into two equally possible impossibilities.
5.07sW-we're exactly like a man capable of sustaining a platonic friendship with an attractive female co-worker.
1.93sWe're entirely hypothetical.
2.06sBut I thought there were infinite time lines?
1.99sWe're not on any time line, dummy.
1.19sOh, my god!
1.33sSU M M ER: Are those cats?
2.06sI assume they're Schrodinger's cats.
3.03sOr, actually, I assume they both are and aren't, just like us,
1.66s- Is the world gone? - Is the world gone?
1.27sWhere are mom and dad?
0.13sWhat about mom and dad?
2.47sMom and dad? Get your head out of your family's ass.