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2.43sWe told Marty to replace all the bank's money with cookies.
2.06sYour job was to put the mattress under Mr. Benson.
2.23sBoom! In your face, Summer!
1.66sYou really dropped the ball, man.
2.03sShut up, Morty, you vindictive little turd!
3.09sYou shut up, you big female asshole!
1.26sHey, don't shove me!
1.19s- I didn't! - You didn't what?
1.56s- What's your problem? - What's yours?
1.06s- Shut up! - You shut up!
1.33sWh-whoa, whoa!
2.33sWhat the hell, hell, hell, hell, hell?
2.2sOh, god. Oh, no. What did you guys just do?
1.16s- What did who do? - What do you mean?
1.97sWait, what am I saying? Were either
1.99sof you guys uncertain about anything just now?
1.59sOh, man, I don't feel good.
1.33s- Am I me? - Am I talking right now?
1.56s- I think so. - Wait, who said that?
1.7sAll right, both of you just don't move.
3.33sDon't speak, don't think. l have to check something.
1.06s- What'd you do, Marty? - I'm gonna help grandpa.
1.19sI'll see if he needs help.
2.79sWhat do you mean you’re gonna help him F I can help, too.