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1.16sHurry up, Marty,
1.56sGrandpa's about to un-freeze time.
2.2sYou really should be cleaning from top to bottom.
1.83sI know how to vacuum mom and dad, Summer.
1.59sI've been doing it for six months.
2.47sThen you've been doing it wrong for six months.
1.7sOh, my god, is that mildew?
2.09sIt's not my fault we froze time on a humid day.
3.13sYou have dropped so many balls, man.
3.73sDo you ever get scared Grandpa Rick might make me his new sidekick?
1.9sWhat?! What kind of monster are you?
1.3sA competent one.
2.36sWho cares about the things you guys are talking about?
3.39sthe whole point of freezing time was to stop giving a fuck. Put a shirt on your dumb dad,
2.23sand let's get this dumb universe rolling.
1.66sLet's do this thing.