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2.3sUh, Lady Gaga, table for three. Am I right?
2.13sAre you guys Power Rangers,
1.49sbut only on one small part of your necks?
1.59sHey, do those things need batteries?
1.63sWere they included? Cleanup in the fruit aisle.
2.33sNot in a homophobic way, though.
1.73sThey're just fruity necklaces is what I was saying.
0.99sI'm gonna pee my pants!
0.93sSomebody call the planet of "Tron"!
1.02sDoesn't feel so good, does it?
0.86sWe have three "Tron" people over here.
1.7sNo, it doesn't. It hurts.
2.16sSeriously, are these halloween costumes?
3.03sAre you going as motorcycles with green headlights instead of normal ones?
2.03sAre you dogs? Robot dogs?
2.4sGosh, you guys are lame.
1.87sAre those chokers from the '90s?
2.7sWhat is this, a '90s nostalgia thing?
3.46sAre you guys in that movie "The Craft" with Fairuza Balk?