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2.33sHey, wait a second, how come you guys took longer to get here?
3.37sI don't know. I think, like, 1/64 of my collars didn't work.
3.63sIt's hard to keep straight now that I have 63 other memories of everything.
1.59sBut I feel like one ofthe 64 Ricks,
1.43slike, sacrificed himself for me?
2.63s- Maybe? I think? - Shut up, Marty,
2.33sThe last time you felt something, we all almost died.
1.37sYou little piece of shit.
1.3sBETH: Hey, guys, we're home.
1.13sTOGETHER: Mom! Dad!
1.66sUh, hold the phone.
2.53sWhere did you guys get those necklaces from?
2.3sUh, Lady Gaga, table for three. Am I right?
2.13sAre you guys Power Rangers,
1.49sbut only on one small part of your necks?
1.59sHey, do those things need batteries?
1.63sWere they included? Cleanup in the fruit aisle.
2.33sNot in a homophobic way, though.
1.73sThey're just fruity necklaces is what I was saying.