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1.63sBe better than me.
1.37sOh shit! The other collar!
2.49sI'm not okay with this. I am not okay with this!
1.26sOh, sweet Jesus, please let me live.
1.59sOh, my god, I have to -- I've got to fix this thing.
1.83sPlease, god in heaven. Please, Gad,
1.52sOh, lord, hear my prayers.
2.06sYes! Fuck you, God!
2.26sNot today, bitch!
2.13sPlease, God, ifthere's a hell, please be merciful to me.
1.9sYes, I did it! There is no God!
1.3sIn your face!
1.8sOne dot, motherfucker!
1.49sYes! Oh, yes!
2.83sAll right, you know what I'm talking about.
1.33s- Oh, that was a close call. - Oh, yeah!
1.49sI'm gonna do the cabbage patch, Marty,
0.99s- Oh, yeah, do it. - Check me out.
1.02sI'm doing the Cabbage Patch.
1.26s- Do it right. - I'm doing it, too.
1.23s- Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance.
1.9s- Do it, Do the dance. - Oh shit look at that.
2.33sHey, wait a second, how come you guys took longer to get here?
3.37sI don't know. I think, like, 1/64 of my collars didn't work.
3.63sIt's hard to keep straight now that I have 63 other memories of everything.