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1.33sMarty, where's your collar? I'll fix it,
1.66sI dropped it,
2.7sWhat the hell? What have you done to me, Marty?
2.56sI'm okay with this. Be good, Marty,
1.63sBe better than me.
1.37sOh shit! The other collar!
2.49sI'm not okay with this. I am not okay with this!
1.26sOh, sweet Jesus, please let me live.
1.59sOh, my god, I have to -- I've got to fix this thing.
1.83sPlease, god in heaven. Please, Gad,
1.52sOh, lord, hear my prayers.
2.06sYes! Fuck you, God!
2.26sNot today, bitch!
2.13sPlease, God, ifthere's a hell, please be merciful to me.
1.9sYes, I did it! There is no God!
1.3sIn your face!
1.8sOne dot, motherfucker!
1.49sYes! Oh, yes!
2.83sAll right, you know what I'm talking about.
1.33s- Oh, that was a close call. - Oh, yeah!
1.49sI'm gonna do the cabbage patch, Marty,
0.99s- Oh, yeah, do it. - Check me out.
1.02sI'm doing the Cabbage Patch.
1.26s- Do it right. - I'm doing it, too.
1.23s- Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance.
1.9s- Do it, Do the dance. - Oh shit look at that.
2.33sHey, wait a second, how come you guys took longer to get here?
3.37sI don't know. I think, like, 1/64 of my collars didn't work.