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1.97sWas the house -- when we pulled up,
2.83sI could have sworn the house was completely trashed.
1.3sNegative visualization, Jerry.
1.73sExplains a lot about where you're at,
0.65sHi, sweetie.
1.25sHi, dad.
1.87sSummer, Morty, are you okay?
1.87sWe -- we just missed you a lot.
1.63sYeah, we missed you so much.
1.43sToo much to hug you, though.
1.63sYeah, it would literally destroy them.
1.76sNow, listen, why don't -- why don't -- wh-why don't --
1.59swhy don't you guys go get a free Sunday ice cream?
1.49sGet out there and get some ice creams.
2.3sHere's $500 cash in unmarked monies.
3.46sI'm just gonna put it on the floor and kick it on over to ya.
2.03s- You guys go nuts. - This better not be a bribe.
3.06sIf I find a single thing out of place in this house,
2.09smy love of ice cream won't save you.
1.52sI'll get my jacket.
3.2sSweetie, is your shirt on backwards?
2.33sYeah. I like it this way.
1.4sI'm not stupid.
1.19s- Phew! - Oh,
3.7sMan, that guy is the Redgren Grumbholdt of pretending he knows what's going on.
1.23s- Oh, you agree, huh? - It's funny.
0.97sYou like that Redgren Grumbholdt reference?
1.49sWell, guess what? I made him up,