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1.7swhich is where it gets its name,
7.7sis dominated by seven billion primate-descended natives who love to eat spaghetti and pray to kangaroos.
2.83sSpaghetti, kangaroos? l’ve gotta check this place out.
2.76sWell, you can.
2.16sContact the Ministry of Tourism for details.
2.13sUp next, teenagers are calling it
1.83sAnd " not what you think.
1.37sWhat are you -- What did you do that tar?
1.26sDramatic effect.
2.59sGood morning, family. Oh, do I smell bacon?
6.27sYes, we discovered a species oftiny pig off the coast of New Australia about 30 yards east. Or 300 yards west.
1.33sWe'd offer you some,
2.33sbut we hunted it to extinction for breakfast.
3.6sWell, I thought I'd walk to the South Pole and do a little bit of exploring.