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2.33sAll right, third time's the charm.
1.02sSee what we got here.
1.49sSeems good.
1.4sAnd nothing on the cob.
1.76sDidn't know that was a necessity, but...
2.09sNo, it's nice. I thinkthis might be it,
3.6sWow! Hey, look, you guys The sun's rising.
2.43sAaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
2.7sUh, Dad, how long are the days on this planet?
2.3sUh, computer, how long are the days on this planet?
2.13s42 hours.
2.06sAll right, well, those are the two choices,
1.87s'cause cob planet is off the table.
1.09sNow let's take a vote.
1.59sMAN: Well, " omcial.
2.09sThe obscure planet known as Earth,
4.74sformerly the hiding place of interstellar terrorist and fugitive Rick Sanchez,