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1.63sWhich I guarantee you, you're not gonna know,
1.97swhich I guarantee theywon't believe.
1.83sSo who's homesick? By applause.
2.33sLadies? Anybody?
2.8sWhat are we going to do? Where are we going to live?
2.13sTake it easy. This is a blessing in disguise.
1.4sFuck Earth.
1.87sYou realize our planet's name means dirt, right?
1.49sWe'll find a new world.
3.3sComputer, how many planets in the milky way are at least 90% similar to Earth?
3.56sFEMALE VOICE: 765 known planets.
2.4sHow many of those are outside federal jurisdiction?
2.13sSee? Our cup runneth over.
3.39sNow, who wants to go shopping for a brand-new motherfucking world?!
1.09sAll right!