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1.4sEarth Will be swarming with them.
1.33s- Jerry -- - I want to go home!
2.09sLook, anyone that wants to go back to Earth is free to.
1.83sBut here's what's gonna happen.
1.49sAlien bureaucrats are gonna arrest you.
7.8sThey're gonna put the intergalactic equivalent of jumper cables under your nuts and or labia and hook them up to an alien car battery until you tell them where I am --
1.63sWhich I guarantee you, you're not gonna know,
1.97swhich I guarantee theywon't believe.
1.83sSo who's homesick? By applause.
2.33sLadies? Anybody?
2.8sWhat are we going to do? Where are we going to live?
2.13sTake it easy. This is a blessing in disguise.
1.4sFuck Earth.
1.87sYou realize our planet's name means dirt, right?
1.49sWe'll find a new world.
3.3sComputer, how many planets in the milky way are at least 90% similar to Earth?
3.56sFEMALE VOICE: 765 known planets.
2.4sHow many of those are outside federal jurisdiction?
2.13sSee? Our cup runneth over.
3.39sNow, who wants to go shopping for a brand-new motherfucking world?!