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1.97sWhat the hell happened back there?!
2.7sThis is on you guys. I told you weddings are stupid.
8.07sUh, Rick, is there anything you'd like to tell us about your relationship with this previously unknown galactic government?
2.06sAll the important points seem pretty clear, no?
2.23sThey think they control the galaxy, I disagree.
1.93sDon't hate the player, hate the game, son.
2.09sHow could you be so dishonest with this family?
3.46sOh! Oh, should I have been more open and trusting and loving like, oh, I don't know,
2.8smy now dead best friend? Or your daughter,
2.53swho is bffs with an intergalactic narc?
1.16sHey, Tammy was cool!
0.05sAnd now we know why.
2.04sBecause of you!
1.83sFuck you, Summer, and fuck the government,
1.8sand fuck me for letting my guard down,
1.59swhich Iwill never do again.
1.37sGeez, Rick!
2.66sYou can't say f-- "'F' you" to your granddaughter.
2.47sljust did, Marty, Here's dessert. Fuck you.
1.66sLook, I think we've all had a tough wedding.
1.76sActually, the wedding was beautiful.
1.16sThe reception got out of hand.