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1.93s[music plays f Greetings, This is Birdperson.
1.16sAnd Tammy!
3.63sInviting you tc? planet Squanch for our mate-melding ceremony -- Blugh!
1.3sIf you 're from Earth,
1.43sthat means we’re getting married!
2.4sOh, my god! My friend Tammy's marrying Birdperson!
1.66sWhat the hell is a Birdperson?
1.19sHe's Rick's best friend.
1.59sUh, l-let's not get carried away, Marty,
1.87sWould you like to RSVP or send a gift?
1.93sNo. Weddings are basically funerals with cake.
1.9sIf I wanted to watch someone throw their life away,
1.87sl'd hang out with Jerry all day.
1.43sAffirmative! Returning to sender.
1.26sNo, hold on, stay, courier flaps.
1.03sDad, you have a friend...
1.93sthat's getting married. That's a big deal.
1.9sIt's a big deal he has a friend.
2.4sWhat do you know about friendship, Jerry?
1.43sConfirmed, shipping Jerry.
1.93s- Whoa, whoa, wait! Aah! - Oh, god! Jerry!
2.03sWhere is it taking him?