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0.97s- Oh, boy, - Oh, Dad.
1.97sBut -- But... here's the thing.
1.9sBirdperson is my best friend,
2.73sand if he loves Tammy, well, then I love Tammy, too.
3.53sTo friendship, to love, and to my greatest adventure yet --
2.47sOpening myself up to others.
1.49sSU M M ER: Hear, hear! Cheers!
1.93sCheers to that, motherfucker!
2.66sThank you, Rick. That was beautiful.
3.09sGosh, I look around this room, and I think,
6.26s"Uh, Tammy, you're a high-School senior from the planet Earth, and you're marrying a 40-year-old Birdperson? Like, what?!"
1.37sYeah, Tammy!
2.63sBut then I think, you know, in a lot ofways,
2.94sl'm nota high-School senior from the planet Earth.