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3.5sI don't know if you can appreciate what it means to grow up without a father, but --
4.57sThe guest list at this wedding includes 17 ofthe Federation's most wanted.
3.59sWe have committed numerous atrocities in the name of freedom.
1.3sAnnnd during that time,
1.66sI don't suppose he ever mentioned his daughter.
1.43sAre those baby quiches?
1.37sNight crawler pate.
1.97sI should prepare for the ceremony.
1.99sLike talking to a brick wall.
1.99sIn the name ofthe squanch, the six rivers,
1.9sthe four squanches, and the nine balls,
4.13sl unite these two organisms in eternal squanch!
2.23sTammy, you may squanch your vows now.
3.96sYou are my seed, my worm, my earliness,
1.66sand my lack of cats.
2.47sI promise to be yours until your death.