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1.76syou can get one of your balls back.
1.93s- Jesus, Dad. - He's grumpy from the flight.
1.93sOhh, H was happy on the flight.
1.87sl'm grumpy from the landing.
2.43sWell, I looked at the guest book.
2.2sWe don't know a damn person here.
2.09sHi! Jerry Smith -- Father of the bride's friend.
2.23sAdvertising is my usual game, but I'm between --
1.76sJerry, stop networking. We're in space.
1.76s"Jerry, get a job!
1.73sJerry, don't look for a job at an alien wedding!"
1.93sI don't get you. This is the closest...
1.76sI've ever gotten to this part of my father's life.
1.76sI don't want to blow it.
1.66sOkay, I get it. I'm cramping your style.
2.7sYou say you get it, but I'm scared you'll keep doing it.
1.93sLook, here's some humans you can practice on.
1.93sYou must be Summer's mom and dad.
1.87sWe're Tammy's parents -- Pat and Donna Guterman.
2.26sHi. Beth. This is Jerry.