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3.87sso if we come back to Earth, can my family have a normal life?
2.59sWe only want Sanchez, si'r. Your family Will be fine.
1.52sNice. Thank you.
1.59sI'm Jerry Smith,
7.2sand I love sucking big, sweaty boners and licking disgusting furry testicle sacks.
1.99sUh... okay,
5.94sJ, What have I become J,
4.84sJ, My sweetest friend J,
4.73sJ, Everyone I know J,
6.2sJ, Goes away in the end J,
1.59sJ, You could have it all J,
4.37s- He's not coming back, is he? - MORTY: No.
2.26sJ, My empire of dirt J,
2.99sHey, look, cops,
5.3sJ, I will let you down J, Good morning.