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2.03sYeah, he kidnapped me and my family,
1.9sand he left us on Dwarf Terrace-9.
2.76sHe said he was gonna go to the Plimplom Tavern.
1.76sAnd listen. Yes?
1.93sI'm doing what's right for the galaxy by calling you,
3.87sso if we come back to Earth, can my family have a normal life?
2.59sWe only want Sanchez, si'r. Your family Will be fine.
1.52sNice. Thank you.
1.59sI'm Jerry Smith,
7.2sand I love sucking big, sweaty boners and licking disgusting furry testicle sacks.
1.99sUh... okay,
5.94sJ, What have I become J,
4.84sJ, My sweetest friend J,
4.73sJ, Everyone I know J,
6.2sJ, Goes away in the end J,