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1.63sVery nice, by the way.
2.7sThis one's going on the shelf right next to Dan Fogelberg.
1.63sHey, Lois, am I up next?
3.56sJust wait in your dressing room. I'll come back for you, Oates.
1.93sI am not coming back for Oates.
2.09sGlenn, will you accept this rose?
1.16sReally? After I drugged you...
2.13sand tried to have sex with your unconscious body?
0.97sundefinedWhat? Wes.
2.4sThis is the final rose tonight.
1.59sundefinedBrian. Wes!
2.26sYeah, I mean, I know I was skeptical at first...
3.9sbut I got to be honest, I've never felt this way about anyone before.
3.16sI mean, I am in love. That's it.
1.33sI am in love.
2.99sI finally understand those songs on the radio.