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2.2sReady, baby? Who's this clown?
4.2sOpen up. Stewie. The airplane's coming in for a landing.
3.06sI guess the pilot must have been JFK Junior.
2.4sEven I found that to be in bad taste.
1.56sHi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
3.37sGood morning, Chris. Oh, my God! Look at the size of that pimple.
2.06sYou're like a circus freak!
2.47sI'm kidding. You're just becoming a man, sweetie.
1.99sYeah. I remember when I became a man.
3.66sThe operation was a success. What are you gonna go by now?
2.59sYou know, Chris, we'll have to do something about that.
1.9sBut I don't wanna get rid of my zit.
3.27sI like him. He's my friend. His name is Doug.
1.73sI just wish I didn't have to look at it.
2.3sWe have to look at your anus all day.