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2.16sYeah, I got it from our cleaning lady's boyfriend.
2.97sIt's okay, though, 'cause she's gonna use the money to get a mammogram.
2.47sChris, where have you been?
2.49sDoug told me I don't need to listen to you.
2.63sDoug? Your pimple? Oh, that is it!
2.83sFirst thing tomorrow, we're going down to Goldman's Pharmacy...
2.13sand get some astringent to get rid of that thing.
2.37sWhat did I tell you? She's trying to drive us apart.
1.4sWe can't let that happen.
1.73sI am in no mood.
3.53sWelcome to the Saddleback Ranch and our first group date.
2.16sls everyone ready for a little cowboy action?
2.8sundefinedYeah! " love horses.
2.2sSorry, I am late, Brian. Here's your ride.
2.23sOh, come on, you can't expect me to ride that thing.