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1.19sYou okay, fat ass?
4.16sShe told me she loved me on what used to be a hit TV show.
3.13sI can't believe I got sucked into that phony reality world...
3.23sjust like everyone else. I became the very thing I was mocking.
2.87sI know it hurts now, Brian, but look at the bright side.
3.03sYou have some new material for that novel you've been writing.
2.8sYou know, the novel you've been working on.
3.56sYou know, the one you've been working on for three years.
1.73sYou know, the novel.
2.83sYou got something new to write about now, you know.
3.9sMaybe a main character gets into a relationship...
2.4sthen suffers a little heartbreak.
3.23sSomething like what you've just been through.
2.23sDraw from a real-life experience.
3.63sLittle heartbreak, you know, work it into the story.
3.4sMake those characters a little more three-dimensional.
2.83sA little richer experience for the reader.