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2.37sThat's it. Now put on this dress.
1.23sPut it on!
1.43sNow dance!
2.32sHey! Hey, Brian, the guy who wrote this,
1.92shis name, Charles Dickens.
1.53sLook at that.
2.13sI want an explanation, mister.
1.7sHey, Connie pulled a power move.
4.07sAnd When the most popular girl in school asks you to the dance, you don't say no. You say,
3.92sI just can't understand why you dumped your own daughter for Connie Demico.
1.57sLois, it's simple transference.
2.37sSee, to Peter, Connie Demico is really Phoebe Diamond,
1.95sThe most popular girl when he was in school.
1.77sOh My God, Lois! I think he's right.
2.25s'C-c-cause When I'm trying to speed things up in bed,
2.05sI'm not thinkin' of Connie, I'm thinkin' of Phoebe.
1.88sOk, This whole thing is ridiculous!
2.22sI forbid you from going to that dance!
0.98sYou can't tell me what to do.
1.63sYou're not my real mom!
1.37sEnd of discussion!
1.67sThank you for ruining my life!
2.42sYou don't remember what it's like to be my age!
2.35sI'm 2 years younger than you!