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3.8sIf you must know, I've gone undercover to get rid of the toad problem.
1.33sSo your school can be safe and innocent,
1.82slike the good ol' days.
2.24sNegative B, plus or minus radical B squared,
2.13sminus 4A-C over 2A.
3.54sThat's correct. A girl answered a math problem.
2.03sYou know what that means.
1.3sA witch!
1.9sWitch! Witch!
2.47sOh, God! Please tell me I have a brain tumor,
2.23sand this is all just a side effect from the chemo.
1.68sHey, What are you doing in my locker?
1.43sYour locker?
2.8sSay, Phil. What do you say to happy hour after work?
3.65sI'd say it looks like Cheryl's gonna have another black eye to explain to the neighbors.
1sCome on. I'm buying.
0.93sOh, yeah!
1.7sHey, man. Cool specs.