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2.7sI thought we lived in suce a nice small town.
1.42sThere's no such thing anymore, Lois.
2.27sThings are A Lot different than when we were kids.
1.5sWell, It just makes me sad.
2.47sHey, It makes me sad, too. But, uh, you know.
2.4sI mean, if Meg's at risk, then so is Chris.
2.34sAnd Stewie'll be in preschool before we know it.
3.34sWell, we just have to trust our kids to stay off drugs, is all.
1.53sI do trust our kids.
1.9sIt's the other kids I don't trust.
3.54sYeah. Yeah, well, you know, I guess it's-- it's up to us, as parents,
3.09sto be a part of the solution. I'll go talk to the principal tomorrow.
1.7sThanks, honey.
1.8sThe safety word is "banana."
1.37s- I love you. - ugh!
2.44sAnd that's my plan, Principal Shepherd.
1.47sSo, you with me?
1.6sBut you didn't tell me anything.
1.3sYou just sat down and said,
1.48s"And that's my plan."
2.24sOh! Oh, right. O-Ok, here's my idea.
2.32sAnd that's my plan, Principal Shepherd.
2.14sWell, Mr. Griffin, I don't like it!