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1.93sConnie Demico does toad?
4.09sI guess Miss Wears-A-Hat- all-the-time is gonna narc on us, aren't you?
1.3sMr. Berler's coming!
1.45sOh, Man! We are so busted.
2.02sPut it in here. He won't check me.
2.17sAll right. What's going on back here?
1.6sOh, Hello, Megan. Wait a minute.
1.7sYou're not part of the popular clique.
2.2sYou run along and play alone somewhere.
2.4sShame on you all, getting her hopes up like that.
2.23sSee, I thought if I held Connie Demico's toad,
2.77sshe'd make one of the cool guys ask me to the Winter Snow Ball.
3.77sYou're holding drugs so someone will invite you to a dance?
2.5sMeg, haven't we taught you better than that?
3.55sN-Now, hold on, Lois. now, People do a lot of crazy things just to be accepted.
2.65sI--I don't know about this.