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1.2sHe's back.
2.25sDon't look at him, honey. Eat your potatoes.
1.75sSteve, do something.
4.5sBrenda We've been over this. Let's just pick up our plates and go eat in the hollow castle.
2.07sYoung man, where did you get this toad?
1.33sI-i-it's not mine!
2.2sBelieve me, Chris. You don't want to mess with drugs.
3.37sI tried 'em once. Big mistake. Things got way too real.
2.2sHoly crap! I am freaking out!
1.33sPeter, may I?
1.53sYou're walking down a hallway.
1.43sYou take a left, you keep walking,
1.73syou take a right, then a left, brick wall!
1.74sAhhh! Yeah, he's tweaked.
2.77sAm not! Hey, maybe it's Meg's toad.
2.65sOh, now Don't you try to palm this off on your sister.
1.2sShe's a good girl.
3.34sOh yeah? What about the time she strangled our other sister?
1.3sNow, Chris, we told you,
2.05sthat was just a very bad dream.