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1.57sLife is more fun
3.12sWhen you're chewing the great taste of DoubleFresh Gum
2.89sla, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
4.32swith DoubleFresh Gum
2.1sHey, we should go to the circus.
3.22sin local news, a new drug craze may have quahog students licked.
1.34sIt's called "Toad."
2.5sThe Colombian Spotted Toad, to be precise, Diane.
5.52sWhen licked, these toads trigger an intense psychedelic euphoria that's--that's just great!
2.94sThis is awful. Now the drugs are in the schools?
3.1sFor you parents, toad licking is also known as "lily padding,"
2.45s"Frenching the prince," and "doing Kermit."
2.42sWell, At least our kids know better.
1.68sWhat the-- AHh!
2.3sHello, little sea monkeys.
1.2sHe's back.
2.25sDon't look at him, honey. Eat your potatoes.
1.75sSteve, do something.
4.5sBrenda We've been over this. Let's just pick up our plates and go eat in the hollow castle.