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1.77sYou got a point there, hot stuff.
3.05sAnd if sex with the rest of you is half as good as it was with her,
2.9sthen I think we're all gonna get along just fine.
2.47sWhat? No, no, Peter, you can't have sex with the kids.
2.69sI wish you'd told him that before he lost his memory.
4.07s(ALL GASPING) It was a joke! I was just making a joke.
1.7sThat's your sense of humor?
2.3sI was just kidding. God!
1.24sMeg, that's awful.
1.87sJeez, you open your mouth for a joke once,
1.4sand that's what you come up with?
1sThat's messed up, Meg.
1.33sI was just trying to be funny.
2.07sThat wasn't funny. That was just dark.
1.3sYeah, that's your father.
2.2sGet out, Meg! Get out of the kitchen!
2.54sGo on! Get out! Out! Out! Out!
2.83sOut of the kitchen! Go on! Get out of here!