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1.94sTry again.
1.13sBig chair.
1.9sNo, that's the same thing. Try again.
2.7sHigh chair. That's still a chair.
1.87sChair. Say something other than "chair."
1.97sWhat if I can't think of anything? You can pass.
1.27sHow do I pass? Just say it.
2.34s- Say what? - Say "pass."
4.22sChair. (BUZZER SOUNDING) I'm sorry, your time is up, and you didn't score enough points.
1.2sBut thank you for playing.
1.8sWhat, that's it? We lose?
2.4sI'm afraid so, but we enjoyed having you here.
2.8sYou son of a bitch! What about my cave in the yard?
1.75sWhat about my cave in the yard?
1.15sGet your hands off me.
2.17sI served in the fictitious military.
2.42sPeter! Oh, my God, are you all right?
3.74sWhat happened? Where am I? Who are you?
1.4sI'm Lois.
2.87sLois who? Who the hell am I?