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2.1sAll right, you've got two strikes, Callaghans.
3.35sName something you'd like to receive as a gift.
2.22sCandy? Show me "candy!"
4.34s(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS IN DISAPPOINTMENT) Wait. We're out? You said if I slept with you...
1.95sAll right, Griffins, here's your chance to win the game.
2.94sName something you'd like to receive as a gift.
1.4sGroceries! Assorted lotions!
1.23sAn Uzi! A dead squirrel!
2.08sMoney! All right, good answer, good answer!
1.55s- Very good! Good answer! - Bingo!
2.14sWell, Richard, my family seems to think money's the way to go,
2.94sso I'm gonna go with the flute that Captain Picard played,
2.17sfirst in his imagination and then in real life,
1.33sin the episode "The Inner Light"
1.6sfrom Star Trek: The Next Generation.
2.64sWhat? No, you idiot! We said "money!"
1.47sShow me "Picard's flute!"
1.65sPeter, how did you... I was in the survey.
2.32sCan you believe it? We're going to the bonus round!
2.2sOkay, Lois, 15 seconds on the clock.
1.57sName something you sit in.
1.4sA chair. My own feces.