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1.12sAll right, enough clowning around.
1.82sLet's talk turkey. We want to play the Feud.
1.18sWell, you're in luck.
2.27sThe other family we've chosen has three daughters,
3.1sso we're picking you because you have three sons.
0.1sBut I'm not...
1.92sShut up, "Greg."
3.85sANNOUNCER: It's time for the Family Feud.
3.8sIntroducing the Callaghan Family, ready for action.
3.7s(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) And the Griffin Family.
6.64sOn your marks, let's start the Family Feud!
4.27sWith the star of Family Feud, Richard Dawson!
2.75sThank you. Thank you very much. Oh, you're lovely.
4.3sI haven't heard that much applause since Bob Crane premiered his home movies in my closet.
2.33s(PETER LAUGHS) All right, let's play the Feud.
2.37sOne hundred people surveyed, top four answers on the board.
1.07sHere's the question.
2.3sName something you find in your bathroom.
3.17s(BUZZER SOUNDING) A sink. Show us "sink!"