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2.14sYeah. You've got your memory back?
2.67sUh-huh. Happened yesterday on my way back from the grocery store.
1.8sHi, Peter.
2.34sHey, you just snubbed me in front of my own house.
1.63sI thought we'd come to an understanding.
2.43sLook, fella, I don't know who you are and I don't want to,
2sso why don't you just go back to your crabgrass?
2.8sThis happens to be fresh Marathon Sod!
2.74sMan, I just got my memory back.
3.44sAnd as I recall, I don't really care for you!
3.22sWait a minute. Who are you? Hey, I know you!
1.28sWhat's your beef, stranger?
2.3sWell, if it isn't my old nemesis!
2.25sI was just lucky he had an odd number of objects.
1.53sWhy the hell didn't you tell anybody?
4.3sWell, I figured I could enjoy the bachelor life for a few more days before getting Lois back.
1.6sWell, you may have waited too long already.
1.63sLois is on a date with Quagmire,
1.74sand you've gotta stop her before something happens.
1.98sWhat? Oh, my God! Where is she?
1.48sShe's next door at his house.
1.87sAnd you better get there quick, because with Quagmire,
1.64ssex is inevitable.
2.87sLike a fat guy ordering dessert when everyone else wants to leave.