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2.67sIt's a long story. You don't want to hear about it.
2.15sShut your face. I want to hear all about it.
1.83sBut listen, I got all this shopping to do,
1.8sso you want to stop by tomorrow night?
1.4sI'll just whip something up.
1.03sWell, sure.
4sYou know, that sounds nice, Glenn.
2.14sHoly smokes, this is a sure thing.
1.47sLike the end of a Mexican wedding.
1.8sCrap, we're out of milk.
2sI'm gonna run next door to the airport and get some.
2.4sHey, when you're over there, can you get some rodent traps?
2.9sWe got a giant mutant rat living under the sink.
2.57sI'm just gonna hide under the sink till y'all go to sleep,
3.87sthen I'm gonna come out and make my poops in your Kix.
2.3sHey, Stewie, is Lois back yet? I've been trying to get a hold of her.