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4.07sMaybe if I kicked the asses of Inspector 2, plus Inspector 3...
2.2sAddition never solved anything, man.
2.4sLet's cut our losses and go home.
1.57sSo I'm doomed to die,
3.14sand I'll never even get to punch whoever's responsible?
1.55sWhat's the point?
3.57sBender, no! Suicide isn't necessarily the answer.
4.2sIt's not a suicide booth, you lard-ass. It's a phone booth.
1.7sThey have phones in booths now?
2.89sFinally, I don't have to lug this cell phone around.
2.97sWho the hell is this? How did you get this number?
1.35sIs this the robot company?
2.72s'Cause I have a complaint about a defective robot.
1.5sHis name is me!
2.3sA defective robot, you say?
1.67sStay right there, dearie.
2.7sI'll have tech support take care of you.