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2.25sActually, I don't have bones.
3.22sI'm supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders that--
3.17sWait. That's the bead you traded your land for?
3.15sIt's a gigantic diamond! That thing must be worth a fortune!
2.37sAhh! Whew!
4.82sOh, Chief, you've made me the happiest girl in the world! Ow!
3.9sYou know, if you still want your land, we could just trade back for it.
2.7sHmm. We always thought bead was worthless.
4.2sWe assumed our ancestors were cheated because they not have concept of ownership.
0.55sSo we can have the diamond?
3.57sNo. We do have concept of ownership.
3.79sYou are free to go. Sorry about all the rustling and kidnapping.
0.43sBut what about your sacred land?
2.53sLand, schmand.
2.57sWe don't want to live on this planet. It's a dump.