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3.74sCOMMENTATOR 1: And Mickelson here, trying to save par, and there's Mickelson's wife.
2.1sGod, is she hot. COMMENTATOR 2: Look at that rack.
1.9sThere's a downhill lie for you.
3.14sCOMMENTATOR 1: They're just out there begging to be touched. Pleading.
1.97sHow many golf balls do you think she can fit in her mouth?
2.3sCOMMENTATOR 2: I'd hit that one in the rough, if you know what I'm saying.
1.53sCOMMENTATOR 1: Who are you kidding, Greg?
1.4sYou'd pork her for a week and then get tired of her.
1.23sCOMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, you're right.
1.53sThat's what I do. That's my thing.
1.3sBut a hell of a week, though.
1.4sCOMMENTATOR 1: Hell of a week.
2.9s(ALL EXCLAIMING) Oh, my God, the power's out.
1.54sWhat are we gonna do now?
2.4sWell, we could light some candles and read.
3.64s(ALL LAUGHING) Yeah, right. Yeah, that'd be great.
1.87sYeah, read the inside of my butt.
1.57sWe could tell stories.
2.04sHey, Dad, why don't you tell the story about when I was born?
1.67sYeah, we got halfway home with the afterbirth,
3.27sbefore we had to go back to the hospital and swap it out for Meg. The end.
1.1sNow, I got a better one.
3.64sThis is a story of love and loss, fathers and sons,
3.74sand the foresight to retain international merchandising rights.
2.97sThis is the story of Star Wars.
1.94sLet's begin with Part 4.