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1.53sThe end.
4.54s(ALL CHEERING) Wow, Dad, thanks for keeping us entertained.
1.77sThat was a great story.
4.37sYeah, but didn't Robot Chicken already do this three months ago?
1.57sI wouldn't worry about it, Chris.
2.43sI don't think people are even aware of that show's existence.
1.23sWell, I don't know, Dad.
1.74sI think a decent number of people watch it.
1.23sOh, really? Define "decent."
2.53sI think it's the highest rated show on Cartoon Network,
2.3sand the Star Wars episode doubled that audience.
2.7sWell, yeah, but double 10 people is, like, 20 people,
2.37sso what kind of numbers are we talking about here, you know?
2.4sDon't be glib about this stuff, Dad. It's a legitimate show,
1.77sand they beat you to the punch.
1.6sI don't know about that, Chris.
3.94sI mean, to me, a legitimate show is on ABC, CBS, NBC,
2.1syou know, one of the real networks.
1.5sI don't know about that, Dad.
3.1sAnd besides, what's up with that 15 minute runtime? What is that?
2.87sThat's like 15 minutes of guys playing with Star Wars dolls.
3.14sOh, yay, tune me in to that. Oh, so you do know the show!